Our passion for Golden Retrievers began when shortly after we were married my parents bought us a Golden Retriever for my college graduation present. That was "Misti" . She taught me so much about Golden Retrievers. I started training Misti in Obedience and put three titles on her and several in agility. She was a great dog always eager to please and would do anything I asked. But Misti was not a dog that I could show in conformation, so I got a second golden retriever.
I bought a male from Halltree Golden Retrievers in MI. His name is "Cutlass". He taught me so much about conformation, although I was never able to get that last major on him. He is still my very special boy.  With all the fun I have had with these two dogs I was hooked.
We breed an occasional litter of puppies. About one to two litters of puppies per year. We breed first for sound, healthy puppies that are easy to live with. And second for dogs that can excel in all aspects of competition.

All of our breeding stock is cleared of congenital heart, hip, elbow and eye defects. All of our companion pet puppies are sold on a limited registration and a spay/neuter contract.

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